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Bermuda-aka-Lilly's Profile Picture
Lilly Kirkland
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Name: Lillian Ballard Kirkland
Age: 22
Height: 163.7cm (5'4.4'')
Nation age: "oh lord like 600+ now I think--this is a rude question to ask a lady!"
Bermuda Day: 24 May

Status: UK overseas military base, self-governed
Capital: Hamilton
Official Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portugese
Motto: "Quo Fata Ferunt" "Whither the Fates Carry (Us)"
Bermuda Day: May 24
National Anthem: Hail to Bermuda / Long Live the Queen
Flower: Bermudiana lily (blue-eyed star grass)
Animal: Humpback Whale
Bird: Bermuda Petrel (Cahow)
Tree: Bermuda Cedar (Juniperus Bermudiana)
Bermuda Population: 68,625 (2010 est.)

Bermuda is like most Bermudians are known to be (stereo-typically and truthfully), and a bit of a complicated woman. She is very kind and polite in public and around strangers or tourists, but around her friends she can be a little wild. She's the kind of person who would mother her closest friends and family to death with hugs and cakes, and the same time act like a true ex-pirate when out on the town. She's one of the younger countries, but she's as old fashioned as a nation her age can be, and technology infuriates her with it's hard-to-understand systems and such. She's a little slow and very kind, but still swears like a sailor, loves a good rumble, and has a moderately dangerous affection for rum. Very proud of her people, she'd never pass up the chance to brag about them, or tell you a little history lesson about her island.


Body Refrence Page
Face - Soon!
Hair - Soon!



Hello again little biscuits~!

Yes I am still on hiatus, i know i know, I'll be back soon~!

BUT, you know who is here right now~?


:icononiichan716: is a good friend of mine from scratch and you all need to go say hello
and stalk him and hug him and love him forever because he's precious and beautiful!!

Maybe I just got that impression cause he roleplays Italy

ehh either way he's a precious little biscuit too and gO LOVE HIMMM

ok bye guys talk to you soon :D
this face is my new favorite thing
look at it
( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )

isnt it adorable????? <3 <3


    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
    ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )     ( ≖ิൠ≖ิ )
how many of you know the feel

where you have so many good ideas for a scary hetagame or something like that

but have no idea how to begin making an rpg maker game TTvTT
i just watched some horror movie called Circle...
it was intense and twisted bUT I LOOOOVED IT
Ahhh it's been a while hasn't it?? I miss talking to you lil biscuits Q-Q

I have been practicing my art and such and i think i'm progressing well!
I've worked on facial structure and arms, and the way i draw the necks and noses
has changed some, and i've been getting better at drawing asians because i draw my
senpai way to often >w< i cant help it she's too fab for this world

talking to you Iworepurplevelvet u know u 3 fab gurl

I've also been designing random outfits?? They're really fancy looking but i have no
idea what they're for?? I just sorta make them
why are ancient-y fancy cloths so fun?? idk

i've drawn a few things but idk if i'll ever upload them XD im still practicing after all

I'm getting a lot better at hair too i think! looks more realistic now i think?? I think
you guys will be in for a nice lil suprise when i finally start uploading again
still dont know when that will be tho

as for the contest i posted aaaaages ago (Draw My HetaOC Contest), i still intend to
judge it and everything quite soon actually, but as i am currently on artwork hiatus
i wont be able to draw the prizes just yet

i know its been going on for forever but i've only gotten a few entires
although quite a few people said they would participate??

so that being said, if you are one of those people im talking about who entered and didnt submit
yet (i think kittykat2245 NeedMorePolski midnightmelody15 and BriGerbil-KimiFae ),
do you still want me to wait to close or have you lost your inspiration by now? XD

also, Art Trades have been postponed for my hiatus, but i will still do my part when i'm back
in business! I will also still be doing those Love Bby Requests, which i still find adorable

I think that's it now?? Ah well, if there's anything else I forgot, i'll tell ya later

Ta-ta for now, lil biscuits! :3
hello everyone, ax admin here

there is something I want you all to be aware of.

you all may or may not know about what happened between kamillyanna, Sol-Flamenco and I just recently, but there were claims that I have been tracing or copying their work.

I will not release all the details or anything and have nothing to say about the matter here, for the three of us had many long and professional conversations regarding the claims and have resolved it ourselves; they already know pretty much everything i have to say, and vise versa. They were very professional about it the entire time, almost more than i expected given the circumstances, and for this i am very grateful. (I will not release any further information as the artists themselves and I have all already spoken about the entire thing and it is pointless to bring everything back up)

To get to my point, as a result of this entire situation's occurrence, i will be taking another hiatus of sorts. I will still be able to talk to you guys or make journals about things or maybe even write stories if i should ever feel the need, but I will not be posting any digital or traditional art.

Now, this is my own idea, and i was not told or even suggested to do this by either Kami or Jones, but I know it is something I want to do.

One reason is that others, I assume fans and friends of theirs, also confronted me about the matter, and not all of them have been as professional. After receiving various threats, I decided that it was the best thing for me to do. I feel like I should wait to post anything until this dies down and everyone calms down about it, or else I might only fuel it in some way.

During this hiatus of sorts I will continue to be practicing my art and further developing my skills, so that when i start posting again there will surely be no more doubt casted on my ability and everyone can rest easily. This was my decision, i hope you all understand.

Goodbye for now! -Admin
my art problems:
why are caucasian females so damn hard to draw
why are male muscles so damn hard to draw
why do i always make the heads too big
why cant mouths just do right

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